New India Fintech

Start Date: September 25, 2023
End Date: October 1, 2023

Witness the Remarkable Achievements of the Modi Government! Under the visionary leadership PM@narendramodi, the government is driving transformation in the lives of millions through various initiatives. Click here to watch these remarkable achievements:



India’s Fintech on the Rise! The momentum in India’s Fintech sector continues to surge as the country secures the second-highest number of Fintech deals globally.

#Fintech #NewIndia


Surpassing Global Standards! According to some reports, India’s remarkable growth in the Fintech space has outpaced even the most technologically advanced nations. Discover how our nation is setting new benchmarks in this dynamic industry.

#Fintech #NewIndia


An initiative for you to disseminate and engage with #MyGovActivities and #NewIndia #Fintech . By using these hashtags, you can connect and showcase ongoing initiatives, creating greater visibility and participation.


  1. Dissemination: Share MyGov activities, campaigns, and contests on social media.
  2. Engagement: Encourage active participation and discussions among students.
  3. Reach: Amplify the impact by sharing beyond your campus.



  1. Stay Updated: Visit MyGov Saathi 2.0 platforms regularly.
  2. Share Creatively: Use Shared content.
  3. Use #MyGovActivities: Include the hashtag in your posts and Activity Hashtags.
  4. Engage and Respond: Interact with your audience and encourage sharing and participation.

Timeline: [ 7 Days]


  1. Link: Share post links on your Saathi 2.0 dashboard (Activity Area).
  2. Screenshot: Upload post screenshots on your ambassador dashboard.

We appreciate your dedication to spreading awareness and engaging a wider audience. The reward will be added as per Given Criteria.

Together, let’s disseminate #MyGovActivities far and wide!

The Last date of submission is 01st Oct, 2023

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