Participate in the Yoga with Family Video Contest ,Save energy, save the future!

Start Date: July 9, 2024
End Date: July 16, 2024
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Unite in health and harmony! Participate in the Yoga with Family Video Contest and enjoy yoga sessions with your loved ones. For more details,


#YogaForSelfAndSociety #YogaWithFamily #IDY2024

Save energy, save the future! Join us in the #EnergyConservation pledge and help build a sustainable world. For more details
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An initiative for you to disseminate and engage with #MyGovActivities and #YogaForSelfAndSociety #YogaWithFamily #IDY2024 #MyGov#SaveEnergy  @moayush @beeindiadigital #InternationalYogaDay these hashtags, you can connect and showcase ongoing initiatives, creating greater visibility and participation.


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Timeline: [ 7 Days]


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The Last date of submission is 16th Jul, 2024