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About the Saathis 2.0 Program

The MyGov Saathi 2.0 is an initiative launched by MyGov India to involve citizens in the governance process and promote active participation in nation-building. The program aims to create a network of "Saathi 2.0" that can spread awareness about government schemes, policies, and initiatives and encourage people to participate in them.

The Saathi 2.0 is expected to engage with the community, gather feedback, and communicate the same to the People and Community around. They are also expected to participate in various events, campaigns, and online discussions related to governance and public policy happens on the MyGov Platform. In return, they receive recognition and rewards for their contributions.

The MyGov Saathi 2.0 is open to all Indian citizens. Interested individuals can register on the MyGov website and become a part of the program.

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Rewards & Benefits


Level 1
0 to 20,000 reward points


Level 2
20,001 to 1,00,000 reward points


Level 3
1,00,000+ reward points

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